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jpg-to-pdf (1)-min

Advertisement done for a class assignment. The text was given to us, our job was to get the product shot and display it all in a interesting/intriguing fashion.


Booklet cover designed for the Martin Luther King Jr. I have a dream speech. I decided to give it an antique look while keeping a more modern design.


For this poster I made the cardboard figure. I then used a spotlight while I was taking pictures to get the distinct shadows/highlights in the cardboard. Then  manipulated the image in Photoshop. For the title, I used a cardboard texture to fit inside the typeface that I chose for the title font.

LightBulbInfographic copy-min

Infographic made for a course project portraying lightbulbs and their different effects on usage. A 24in x 18in poster showing multiple charts and graphics.

Typeface_Final2_Solomon copy-min

Alien Typeface Alphabet created as a course project. Our challenge was to create an alien and make them their own typeface. I chose to make a supernova alien and based the alphabet around shapes but taking inspiration from stars and constellations.

jpg-to-pdf (3)-min

Passages was an art exhibit that featured 24 visual artists that illustrated choice literary passages. To achieve this look I let run ink down a sheet of paper. I then scanned the image into my computer and in Photoshop I adjust the color values. This was my finished product.

Fleck Coffee_V52-min

Fleck Coffee Shop is a local to the Boston area. This layout was created for POLISHED Magazine, a Lasell College student produced semester made fashion magazine. I decided to place all the photography mainly on the second page rather than spreading it out throughout the entire layout. I chose to use the dotted line that runs through basically the entire layout to tie the piece together.

NEW_Vows FINAL draft-min

Vows Bridepower is a bridal shop the the Newton, MA,  area outside of Boston. POLISHED Magazine (Lasell College’s fashion magazine) decided to do a segment on this particular bridal store. I decided to go with a cursive font for the title of the article and added the lace texture around the title of the article. I added in the drop cap for some extra flare.


Moss Graffiti is a topic that I chose for TARNISHED Magazine. TARNISHED Magazine is a student run magazine put together by Graphic Design students at Lasell College. Carly Schmitt was the moss graffiti artist that I interviewed for a feature in TARNISHED. I did the design as well as the writing for this article. I used a mint green color palette for my layout. The photos I arranged to add dynamic. The use of angles also adds dynamic to the layout.


I was given the challenge to come up with a design for a brochure that would display what Lasell’s Graphic Design program has to offer potential students. I took to InDesign and started making the basic layouts with the background shapes. I added in the photos that were provided to me by my client. I went with a simple design with negative space on each page. On the front cover I made a pattern with the shape that I created. On the back cover using the same shape to create a cutaway effect on a photograph.