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Website built using Skeleton frame work for a course project. With this project our challenge was to find a restaurants website that could use a redesign and make it better than the original site. The original site is The link to the website with my redesign is

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This website was built in a framework called Foundation. Along the lines of the previous Skeleton redesign. Part of the course project was to redesign the restaurants website in more than one framework, this being the second framework for the Green Valley Grill redesign project. Here is the link to the Foundation redesign

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A course project that entailed creating a Google Map with custom points on the map as well as stylizing the map. The map custom points and stylization was done in JavaScript. The stylization was done through the Stylization Wizard. To create the map obtaining a Google Map API was mandatory. Here is the link to the map

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Animation done using simply CSS code and keyframes to move different colored circles across the screen. Here is the link to the animation

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Another CSS animation done using using only CSS to animate the neon effect on the text. Here is the link to this animation

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Resume created for a course project showing everything that would be featured on a true resume. Using HTML and CSS creating this look and feel of blocked content. Also the use of progress bars coded in the HTML of the code for this site. Here is the live link to the resume